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Molecular Pharmacology

Molecular pharmacology seeks to understand cellular and molecular mechanisms of basic biological processes and their mode of dysfunction under pathophysiological conditions. The science of pharmacology addresses these issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, exploring biological processes in vitro and in vivo.

Molecular Pharmacology offers training in molecular basis of drug action. The teaching and training programs share an interest in linking mechanisms of drug action to dysfunctional biological and cellular processes of human diseases.

MolPharm News


Top 2% of more than 6600 articles per year

A recent study identified a novel treatment approach for symptoms of end-stage heart failure, which was selected as paper of the week in the "Journal of Biological Chemistry". Read more 


Vasopressor meets vasodepressor

Since more than 8 months, the history of a paradigm shift in GPCR pharmacology is number 1 in its scientific domain. Read more 


Number 1 again

Our method for detection of vasoactive receptor aggregation by FRET was again the number 1 publication in its scientific domain. Read more 


New fluorescence method for monitoring of GPCR

A new fluorescence method for monitoring of GPCR aggregation in intact cells is the number 1 of top 20 articles in the research domain according to BioMedLib Read more 


The history of vasoactive GPCR aggregation

After more than a decade of intense scientific discussions, a paradigm shift in GPCR pharmacology was finally accepted. Read more 

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